How To Remove A Coffee Stain From Your Carpet

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How To Remove A Coffee Stain From A Carpet

We are often called out to coffee and tea stains on carpets in Nottingham after numerous home remedies have been tried and failed to remove the spillage. Depending on the carpet fibre type and many other variables this could be permanent and even a professional wouldn't be able to remove it.

The correct procedure and immediate action on a spillage that should be undertaken is as follows:

1. Act quickly, at this stage it's just a spillage and not a stain.
2. Using a white towel or kitchen roll, press all your weight on the stain, blotting up as much as possible. Don't scrub or rub the spillage. Be patient here as this may take a few minutes.
3. Check the towel or kitchen roll to see if there is any transfer, repeat with a fresh area of the towel or new kitchen roll until no more transfer occurs.
4. Use a small amount of water on the towel and keep blotting the stain until no more transfer.
5. Place another clean towel over the spillage and weigh it down with a heavy flat object for a few hours.
6. Assess the end result, if any colour remains, then a professional carpet cleaner in Nottingham will be needed to remove the remainder using advanced techniques/chemicals.

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