How Your Carpets Should Be Cleaned In Nottingham

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Carpet Cleaning in Nottingham - The Correct procedure

What if i told you that if your 'carpet cleaner' didnt vacuum first, then they havent cleaned your carpet properly!

The purpose of this article is to address the inconsistencies we have observed from other local companies in Nottingham. They promise rock bottom prices but skip some of the most important steps!

There are a few different methods to effectively clean a carpet, but nothing quite beats the deep clean of a rinse/extraction clean.

The correct procedure that any carpet cleaning company in Nottingham should follow and their explanation is as follows:

1. Thorough vacuum using a commercial grade upright vacuum with brush bar.
2. Pre spray cleaning solution suitable for carpet fibre and suitable to soiling type/level.
3. Agitate the cleaning solution through the carpet fibre to ensure full contact with soils, using a CRB (Contra Rotating Brush) machine.
4. Rinse & extract the carpet with fresh clean water so no cleaning product residue is left in the carpet.
5. Place air movers to speed up the drying process if necessary, no carpet should remain wet any longer than a few hours after cleaning. If it still is wet after this point then they have over-wet the carpet.

1. The importance of vacuuming

The reason vacuuming is so important is that around 80% of the soils in your carpet are dry particulate soils, if a company were to come straight in and apply the cleaning product or rinse the carpet it would push all of that dirt and bacteria down into the backing of your carpet. This not only leaves the carpet over wet for hours afterwards but is a breeding ground for bacteria and mould!

2. Cleaning solution

Here at KingHall carpet cleaning Nottingham we only use free rinsing Eco friendly products, the reason for that is they perform as well (mostly better) than the poweful (& harmful) detergents that other carpet cleaning companies in Nottingham use. The problem with detergents also is that its difficult to fully rinse/extract all of the detergent out so not only is this bad for your skin/health it also makes the carpet dirty quickly again!

3. Agitation

After we apply the cleaning solution we agitate with a CRB machine. This is basically two brushes that sit on the carpet and rotate in opposite directions and lift the dirt from deep down in the carpet to the surface making it easier to rinse/extract so less water needs to be used which makes drying times quicker. This combined with the cleaning solution is what actually cleans your carpet, the rinse/extraction phase is merely removing it out of your carpet.

4. Rinse & Extraction Phase

This is done using a powerful rinse/extraction machines; water is sprayed onto the carpet and immediately sucked up along with the dirt and cleaning solution leaving your carpets looking brand new again.

5. Drying Times

We are always shocked when customers tell us of their previous experince with other carpet cleaners in Nottingham, but nothing shocks us more than being told the carpets were still wet the next day! After we have cleaned we place air movers that pass air over the carpet surface and increase the rate of evaporation so no carpet will be wet for longer than a couple of hours after leaving, often they are dry by the time we leave!

So, this is the correct procedure that any professional carpet cleaning company in Nottingham should follow, dont be bamboozled by their claims of "my powerful extraction machine does it all!" An average sized room should take around 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

Here at KingHall Carpet Cleaning Nottingham we can provide you with a free no obligation quote and discuss any of your specific needs/worries about your carpets and upholstery, contact us today to speak to one of our knowlegable team.

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