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Wool is renowned for its luxurious feel and warmth and is reflected in the increased price you pay to have them fitted in your home in Nottingham. They require expert knowledge in how to clean and care for them, if an inexperienced carpet cleaner uses too harsh a product it can cause irreparable damage. Below is some handy information so that you can keep your wool carpets looking their best for years to come.

1. One of the biggest mistakes we come across is people attempting to clean spillages/stains with shop bought chemicals. They promise amazing results with their snazzy adverts on TV but often are very strong alkaline chemicals and some even contain oxidising bleaches! Wool carpets should only be cleaned with PH neutral cleaning solutions which we specialise in.

2. Another very costly mistake we see is where an inexperienced carpet cleaner applies too much moisture to a woven carpet like an Axminster or Wilton. Due to their construction if excess water is applied the carpet will shrink, sometimes up to 6 inches from the wall!

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3. Having your wool carpets cleaned in Nottingham by an experienced professional increases their life span. The oldest wool carpet we have cleaned was a Wilton that was 55 years old in Woodborough!

4. We can also spot clean any stains or spillages in the event of an accident, a quick response is key with wool in order to prevent permanent staining. Here is a handy guide to removing liquid spillages in the event of an accident that may prevent you from having to call out a professional.

5. Stain protection can be applied to wool. This doesn't change the look or feel of the carpet but forms a barrier that prevent spillages penetrating to the wool fibres themselves and often they can be simply wiped up with a towel.

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